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Dr. Ralph Strother, Sport Medicine

Dr. Ralph Strother, Sport Medicine

By INLIV | Family Physicians | INcare | TOTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT

Meet Dr. Ralph Strother, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Diploma Sport Medicine

While many of us are cruising the Stampede grounds and watching the rodeo events and chuckwagon races, Dr. Ralph Strother will have a close-up view of the action. In addition to his work at INLIV, Dr. Strother is also the head physician for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team.

July 4, 2018

Skin care product consultation at INLIV in Calgary

Skin care product consultation at INLIV in Calgary

By Raeshell Birin | Medical Aesthetics Coordinator | INconnection | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Introducing our INLIV clients to proper skin care products is more than just a job for me. I’m always eager to try the products to experience the results first-hand. Having that personal experience is the best way for me to help guide people to the best at-home solutions for their individual needs. And knowing all of our products are selected by our medical director, Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, you can be assured they’re of exceptional quality and highly effective, addressing a range of skin concerns. Here are some of my current favourite skin care products.

June 26, 2018

Healthy barbecue ideas

Healthy barbecue ideas


Ahh, summer! It’s time for long, leisurely nights in the back yard, on the deck and by the campfire. While burgers, hot dogs and steak are barbecue staples, you can up your grilling game this summer with these easy, healthy and tasty ideas.

The usual suspects for grilling on the barbecue include sweet peppers, onion and asparagus. Here are a few other recommendations. Just brush with some olive oil and get grilling.

June 11, 2018

Dr. Vic Avramenko

Dr. Vic Avramenko

By Dr. Vic Avramenko | Family Physician | INcare | MEDICAL

Dr. Vic Avramenko was destined to be a physician – at least according to his grandfather. When he was born, his grandfather looked at him and based on an old wives’ tale, proclaimed he would become a doctor. Yet as a child, Dr. Vic wasn’t interested in being a doctor; he wanted to become a scientist. The course of his life changed abruptly at the age of 12 when he survived a near-death experience.

He had an accident while out tobogganing and ruptured his spleen. This was before paramedics were available, though fortunately his family doctor lived just a few blocks away. The doctor happened to be home and raced over to the accident scene. Recognizing the situation was critical, he coordinated everything, including ensuring the operating room was ready for Vic upon his arrival at hospital. The quick response and reaction by the doctor saved the young boy’s life and altered its course.

“I decided then to become a physician; not because of what my grandfather had said but because I believed I had a debt to repay.”

“The following week after my accident another young fellow the same age as me ruptured his spleen and died. It was the exact same injury as me but had a tragic outcome. I felt incredibly lucky. I decided then to become a physician; not because of what my grandfather had said but because I believed I had a debt to repay.”

“After practicing rural medicine for about 30 years, I grew increasingly frustrated. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I wasn’t able to spend enough time with patients and struggled to feel I was making a difference in people’s lives. I thought perhaps it was time to retire. Then INLIV approached me to join them. The quality of care we are able to provide at INLIV is how I believe medicine should be practiced. INLIV has made the practice of medicine fun again!”

“The quality of care we are able to provide at INLIV is how I believe medicine should be practiced. INLIV has made the practice of medicine fun again!”

INLIV’s core purpose is to inspire amazing lives for our clients and our team, and Dr. Vic Avramenko embraces that philosophy. “With the belief system at INLIV and the support from the team, I’m finally able to have balance in my life. For years I’d speak with my patients about the importance of healthy work/life balance, yet I wasn’t following my own advice. Then I had two friends that had heart attacks and realized it could have been me. Joining INLIV has allowed me to give focused care and attention to my patients – and to myself.”

In his time away from the office, Dr. Vic enjoys golfing, traveling, working on his acreage and spending time with his family, including his grandchildren. He spends time at the office with his family, too, as his daughter Vanessa has joined the INLIV team, working as a medical care coordinator.

Dr. Vic Avramenko graduated from the University of Alberta as an MD with Distinction and did his family medicine residency at Foothills Hospital. He has worked in Calgary, Chestermere, Rockyview and Drumheller, and has volunteered his time serving on several boards, working with the Boy Scouts, and was team doctor for the UFA Bisons Midget AAA hockey club. He joined INLIV as a physician with our Total Health Management program in 2013 and is a great asset to our team.

To speak with us about our Total Health Management program and meet our incredible team of family physicians, health, wellness and fitness professionals, call 403.538.8881 or book a free consultation to learn more about INLIV.

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June 10, 2018

Virtual personal training in Calgary

Virtual personal training in Calgary

By Ryan Hamilton | Innovation Director | INfuture | FITNESS

Do you struggle to fit exercise around a hectic job, constant traveling or the demands of caring for your family? INLIV’s Virtual Video Fitness Training lets you work out with a personal trainer from wherever you are. Virtual doesn’t mean it’s complicated. All you need is a wifi connection and some space to work up a sweat.

June 1, 2018

golf stretches

golf stretches

By Jamie Wilkins | Curtis Woodley | Jamie Guislain | FITNESS

Golf is a great form of exercise with a regular 18 holes clocking in at approximately 10,000 steps and burning an estimated 2,000 calories. And there are more health benefits to a game of golf. Getting outdoors can help us sleep better and the socialization is important for our emotional health. Planning that next shot sharpens your focus and requires strategic thinking that helps keep the brain healthy as we age.

May 15, 2018

Sun safety tips Calgary

Sun safety tips Calgary

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

After a winter that seemed to hang on well past its ‘best before’ date, it’s wonderful to see the arrival of warm, sunny days. While we want to enjoy the summer sun, it is important to protect our skin, as UV radiation present in sunlight is an environmental human carcinogen. Check out these 12 sun safety tips for you and your family.

May 8, 2018

Courtney Blackshaw - Bladder Cancer Calgary

Courtney Blackshaw - Bladder Cancer Calgary

By Courtney Blackshaw | Medical Care Coordinator | INconnection | HEALTH

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, something that hits very close to home for me. As a recent bladder cancer survivor, spreading awareness about this all too common, yet surprisingly unknown disease has become a passion project for me.

Many people have never heard of bladder cancer or, if they have, do not realize how common this type of cancer is.

May 4, 2018

Dr. Jyl Radwell

Dr. Jyl Radwell

By Dr. Jyl Radwell | Family Physician | INcare | TOTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT

Dr. Jyl Radwell joined the INLIV team of family physicians in April 2018, after working around the province and far beyond!

A lifelong adventurer, Dr. Jyl has woven her love of medicine and travel together, working as a physician in Cochrane, Olds, and throughout rural Alberta, as well as many years in Yellowknife and rural areas of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut. She’s even worked as far away as Taupo, New Zealand, where she spent six months on locum.

April 11, 2018

Book doctor appointment online in Calgary

Book doctor appointment online in Calgary

By Total Health Management Team | INcare | GENERAL

At INLIV, we believe in a collaborative approach to your health care. We believe in being your wellness partner. We believe in making it easy for you to get medical advice, support and appointments with your physician. We believe you should have easy access to your medical reports and test results. With our easy-to-use online health portal, we provide all this and more!

April 2, 2018

Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu

Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu

By Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu | Medical Doctor | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu joined INLIV in September of 2016 and became instantly popular with our medical aesthetic clients for his warm personality, soothing voice and his skill in achieving a balanced, natural result.

“What I most enjoy with my work in medical aesthetics is witnessing the impact these treatments can have on a person’s self-esteem. Just a subtle change can transform how someone feels about themselves, boosting their confidence and outlook.”

He developed his keen eye and masterful skills through specialized training and experience with medical aesthetic injectables, in addition to several years of study in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With this comprehensive knowledge of the intricate facial structure and an artist’s eye, Dr. Kannin employs a detailed approach to balanced, customized facial rejuvenation.

“Each guest’s face is unique, beautiful and fascinating. I enjoy taking the time to really listen to what each guest is seeking and why”

“Each guest’s face is unique, beautiful and fascinating. I enjoy taking the time to really listen to what each client is seeking and why, discussing each element, and then clearly outlining the steps for their exciting journey through a comprehensive aesthetic plan.”


One of Dr. Kannin’s favourite and most popular treatments is lip enhancement, using precise micro-injections of filler, and respecting the natural anatomy to create balanced, subtle results. The feedback from clients is what he values most. “When a guest gets that look of excitement in their eyes, seeing the immediate impact of their treatment – or later during follow-up visit – I feel their excitement, too. It’s a privilege to be able to contribute to their renewal.”

“When a guest gets that look of excitement in their eyes, seeing the immediate impact of their treatment – or later during follow-up visit – I feel their excitement, too.”

He also specializes in the new injectable treatment to reduce a double chin. “Many people are unhappy with their double chin – submental fullness is what we call it. And, unfortunately, exercise often won’t help you get rid of a double chin. We use numerous injections to dissolve small amounts of fat and destroy the fat cells, so they can’t store or accumulate any fat. I’m finding male clients are quite interested in the double chin reduction treatment – a lot of them don’t like seeing that roll of flesh above their shirt collar.”

“I’m finding male clients are quite interested in the double chin reduction treatment – a lot of them don’t like seeing that roll of flesh above their shirt collar.”

Dr. Kannin keeps a busy schedule, working at INLIV and also as a hospitalist at Foothills Medical Centre. With his young family in tow, you can find him swimming, skiing, and traveling – or enjoying a quiet game of chess and learning to speak Spanish. And he is generous in sharing his passion for life and learning with others. He has volunteered in Costa Rica and Cuba, and worked in Ghana at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital. He also holds an academic appointment as a clinical lecturer at the University of Calgary, helping educate young doctors in training.

He’s equally committed to his own learning, regularly attending aesthetic meetings, conferences and seminars to broaden his understanding and provide the latest and safest techniques for his clients.

Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu completed his undergraduate studies in Kinesiology at McMaster University before obtaining his Masters of Science in exercise physiology and doctorate of medicine from Dalhousie University. After completing his family medicine training at University of Toronto, he relocated to Calgary in 2010. He is also a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and holds diplomas (Levels 1, 2) from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

When asked what inspired him to join INLIV, he said, “I’m passionate about life, optimum health, wellness and vitality, and that is exactly what INLIV embraces with its business philosophy. I am thrilled to be part of a team that exudes such integrity and vision.”


To book an appointment with Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu, call Raeshell Birin, Medical Aesthetics Coordinator at 403.648.2137 or click on the link above to send an email. To learn more about our medical aesthetic options and discover what treatments may be right for you, Raeshell will schedule a complimentary skin care consultation with our registered nurse, Nadia Zinchuk.



















March 19, 2018

nutrition for healthy skin

nutrition for healthy skin

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

If eyes are the windows to the soul, your skin is the window to your overall health. Reliable research on the best foods for healthy skin is limited, but we know for certain that overall health is written all over your face. Yellow skin tone can indicate jaundice or other liver conditions. Pale, sallow skin can signal anemia, dehydration or vitamin deficiencies.

March 13, 2018

By Nutrition team at INLIV | HEALTH

Healthy eating habits in childhood are the cornerstone to establishing good nutrition later on in life. However, many parents often find that their children are “picky eaters”, and that it’s seemingly hopeless to convince them to eat healthy diets – a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other foods that deliver the nutrients they need. 

March 7, 2018

Laser and PRP

Laser and PRP

By Nadia Zinchuk | Registered Nurse | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Winter is the perfect time for laser treatments. At INLIV, we are combining our non-ablative fractional laser treatment with the healing and rejuvenating effects of platelet rich plasma to create a powerful combination facial rejuvenation treatment that improves skin texture, tone and stimulates collagen production for natural, long-lasting results.

February 16, 2018

Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment

By Jamie Wilkins | Fitness General Manager | INenergy | FITNESS

What’s your fitness goal? Whether it’s to lose fat, gain strength, train for your favourite sport, complete an Ironman, or improve your overall health, our INLIV personal training team can get you there with the help of our medically-based fitness assessment.

Utilizing a wide range of medical screening tests, blood tests and health evaluation, our fitness assessment goes far beyond what you’ll get at a regular gym or workout facility. And that helps your results go far beyond, too! It all starts with an extensive assessment to establish your health benchmarks, determine specific limitations and challenges you face, and set a clear plan in place to move you along your wellness path.  

February 15, 2018

Shingles and the new vaccine

Shingles and the new vaccine

By Dr. Ralph Strother | Medical Doctor | INcare | HEALTH

It often starts as an unusual pain, maybe some tingling… and then a rash sets in. Shingles! While it may be common (almost one in three Canadians may be affected by shingles), it can be quite painful. And, too often, some fail to realize that the pain from shingles can last for months – long after the rash has healed.

As a physician, I have been watching Shingrix – the newest vaccine against shingles – through the late Phase III trials and approval. Interestingly, Canada was the first country to approve the new vaccine, and our physician team here at INLIV had it on order as soon as the announcement of its approval for use in Canada in October 2017.

February 2, 2018

Small steps to health

Small steps to health

By Dr. Ralph Strother | Medical Doctor | INcare | HEALTH

Research shows it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so, how are you doing with your good intentions for 2018? Are you struggling? It happens to all of us. My best advice is to start by making small changes toward improving your health and wellness. Small successes build large victories.

January 18, 2018

By Cary Bohnet | Business Development Director | INbusiness | MEDICAL

Our INLIV experts have their fingers firmly on the pulse of health, wellness, and innovative ways to help our clients live the healthiest lives possible. Our latest innovation is Wello, an exciting new virtual service designed to improve health care, making it easy, convenient, effective and affordable. And now, one free year of Wello is included with every INLIV Comprehensive and Executive Medical Assessment.

January 10, 2018

Depression and holiday blues

Depression and holiday blues

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | HEALTH

The holiday season can be a magical time, brimming with friends, family and fun – but for some, the season is challenging and emotionally draining. It’s often a time of reflection, and you may be reminded of the year’s milestones, including the heartbreak of loved ones that have been lost, life changes like retirement, separation, an empty nest, or general lack of fulfillment as another year closes. It’s important to understand that stress, anxiety, the holiday blues and depression are common this time of year.

December 19, 2017

holiday stress relief

holiday stress relief


Stress is heightened during the holiday season for many reasons – our routines are interrupted, we eat more, exercise less, have work deadlines and end-of-year expectations for ourselves. Check out these tips from our INLIV team revealing their tips to ease holiday stress.

December 13, 2017

desk stretches

desk stretches

By Matthew Pacholko, Personal Trainer, INenergy | CORPORATE HEALTH

Are you spending far too many hours at a desk, hunched over in your chair, staring at the computer screen? And in the evening after dinner, you sit watching tv until it’s time for bed? All that sitting is bad for your health and recent studies have shown that how long you stay sitting at a time will increase your risk for an early death – even if you are exercising regularly.

November 21, 2017

Kelly Blackshaw

Kelly Blackshaw

By INLIV People & Culture | GENERAL

Passion for Play – the Kelly Blackshaw story

Kelly Blackshaw lives for, and works for, health and wellness. Looking at health from a holistic and lifestyle perspective, she knows that healthy living isn’t about the vegetables you eat, the hobbies you enjoy, or the positive habits you maintain – it’s about all of those things, and a whole lot more.

November 19, 2017

Dr. Ingemaud Gerber

Dr. Ingemaud Gerber

By INLIV People & Culture | MEDICAL

Dr. Ingemaud Gerber

At INLIV we’re always on the lookout for exceptionally talented medical professionals who highlight the values that define us – and we’re always thrilled when they decide to join us. One such addition to our staff is Dr. Ingemaud Gerber, who came on board in October 2017 as a family physician as part of our Primary Medical Total Health Management team. She also joined the medical aesthetics team in January 2018 for one day a week, bringing nine years of experience providing soft aesthetic treatments.

November 19, 2017

Healthy Halloween Tips

Healthy Halloween Tips


Halloween is just days away and many of us are striving to provide healthier treats for the visiting ghosts and goblins. Here are some simple ideas to help reduce or eliminate sugary treats and other tips to create a happy, healthy Halloween.

October 26, 2017

By Nadia Zinchuk | Registered Nurse | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

How do you get rid of sun spots?

Removing sun spots – those red and brown imperfections on your skin can be achieved using several treatment options. And now that summer has passed, it’s an ideal time of year to embark on a skin rejuvenation plan to help restore that healthy, vibrant complexion.

October 22, 2017


For a kid who is very sick, even a few moments of fun and joy make a big difference. Someone who knows that well is Vince Danielsen, the President & CEO of INLIV and Wello. When Vince was 15 years old, he was a talented football player and the last thing he expected to hear was that he was diagnosed with cancer and had a 50-50 chance of surviving.

Vince went from winning on the football field to fighting for his life in hospital. It was a terrifying time. But amidst the sickness and stress, there were many positive experiences that he would never forget. The first was the care and compassion of the nurses and caregivers around him. The second was a visit from Lui Passaglia, Vancouver’s biggest football star at the time.

Luis’ visit is the reason Vince, now cancer free and a health entrepreneur, started Every Yard Counts – a program that gives sick children, the chance to meet their local football heroes. Now in its 21st year, the initiative brings together players from the Calgary Stampeders with young patients from Alberta Children’s Hospital. The kids can see their favourite players at home games and hospital visits, and even get to play them in an annual wheelchair game.

Vince said, “If I can help these kids take their minds off their situation for five, 10 minutes, it lets them have fun again. Little things mean so much to them. I remember what it meant to me.”

Vince is thrilled to have employees from INLIV chaperone kids to the Stampeder’s games and even taken them backstage after the game to meet the athletes. In 2017, a number of employees at INLIV are already participating in the program and enjoying giving back to their communities.

Vince knows that possibilities are endless – after his own hard-won battle against cancer, he went on to serve for 8 years as a receiver for the Calgary Stampeders and later turned to his true passion and became a health entrepreneur. Vince’s focus has been on innovating health service delivery, and he has helped build healthcare offerings in the US and Canada in the areas of fitness, medical assessments, primary medicine, cosmetics, and rehabilitation.

21 years later, he’s still going strong as the leader of the healthcare company in Calgary, INLIV and now Wello – a nurse practitioner service that recently launched in Calgary. He hopes to instill that same hope into young children’s lives and aims to support them with knowing they too can live healthy and prosperous lives.

We are so proud to have Vince as our President and CEO of INLIV and to have the incredible staff to support him with helping young Alberta children see their dreams come to life and bring hope into their lives!




September 19, 2017

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

INLIV offers a non-surgical treatment for those who sweat too much

Sweating is the body’s natural method of cooling itself so it’s normal that during warmer weather, people perspire a bit more. But for the estimated 952,000 Canadians who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), the sweating doesn’t always stop when the temperature dips, and it can cause serious anxiety.

August 28, 2017


It’s a long weekend and for many of us, that means a family camping trip or driving excursion. The car rides can be long and often our food selection looks like a hungry, unsupervised, eight-year-old did the shopping. Try a healthier approach with our road trip hacks!

  • Instead of chips and cookies, fill your cooler with fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Apples and carrots last quite a long time, and hummus makes a flavourful dip
  • Pack some hard boiled eggs for a quick snack
  • Instant oatmeal can give you – and the kids – an energy boost in the morning before heading out for a hike
  • Tuna is convenient, especially in the packet versus a can. You don’t even have to worry about finding the can opener!
  • For a sweet treat, try grilling pineapple for dessert, instead of indulging in another s’more
  • Freeze your drinks before you pack them in the cooler. They’ll help keep everything cold

Our INLIV INmates have also put together a list of their personal tips and road trip hacks for your long weekend travel.

  • When planning a road trip, be mindful of where you’re going and how long it will take. If you know it’s a long drive with limited access to anything other than gas station snacks, try packing a small lunch box with healthy snacks like protein bars or bananas. Be careful when choosing your protein bars – make sure the grams of protein are always higher than the grams of sugar! – Zoë Saunders, Client Co-ordinator, INLIV Operations
  • Pre-portion everything. Cutting up vegetables in advance and packing them in small sandwich bags works great. – Physician, Total Health Management
  • I let my kids pick the snack for each other. And playing a game like ‘what’s behind door number one’ works well. All the doors might have broccoli behind them, but they don’t know that! – Steve Reynish, INLIV Client
  • I pack lots of healthy fats and fibre to hold me over longer while I’m out camping. Almonds are great for that. – Omar Ibrahim, Personal Trainer, Fitness
  • There are always ways to make your favourites slightly healthier! For your burger, wrap it in lettuce instead of a traditional bun. Skip the fries and choose veggies instead – and you’re good to go! – Zoë Saunders, Client Co-ordinator, Operations
  • It can be tough to keep kids entertained in the car, On our road trip this summer, we played ‘count the trucks and name the colours’. We got to about 50 trucks before our little guy lost interest. – Ryan Hamilton, Innovation
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Physical sunscreens are great – they don’t absorb into the skin, but sit on the surface and protect against both UV-A and UV-B rays. (Click here for more tips on sun safety) – Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, Medical Director at INLIV
  • Don’t overlook the basics – water, a first aid kit – and bear spray! All great items to make sure you enjoy your time outdoors safely – Cary Bohnet, Business Development
  • When I go hiking I always carry a knife, tape and first aid supplies, just in case anything happens. With these items in your bag, you can tape a sprained ankle or make a splint if you need to. – Cole Elliot, Personal Trainer, Fitness 

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, safe, long weekend – from everyone at INLIV.



August 22, 2017

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

From Botox to Belkyra, laser treatments to Thermage, you may be wondering what non-surgical treatment options there are for your skin concerns.
Click on our easy Guide to Skin Solutions below to learn more about each treatment, then book a free general consultation with INLIV Registered Nurse, Nadia Zinchuk.

July 10, 2017


Angie, 52, began a journey two years ago to improve her health and her overall wellness. Her story is one of inspiration, dedication, and transformation – read on to find out more!

Angie’s Goals at INLIV
Angie’s introduction to INLIV came when she was offered our Executive Medical Assessment program through her workplace. Initially skeptical, she decided to create a set of goals and work toward them. Angie was concerned about high blood pressure, and had been struggling with her weight for nearly two decades – she knew she needed to find help to make changes.

INLIV’s Flex Credits
All clients who are part of both our Executive Medical Assessment program and our Total Health Management program receive flex credits, which includes one complimentary consultation with an INLIV practitioner about fitness and personal training, nutrition and diet, or medical aesthetics. After hearing about the INLIV flex credits, Angie considered her options and goals. Since she was concerned about her weight and cardiovascular health, she decided to meet with an INLIV personal trainer to pursue a fitness regimen.

I hadn’t been active since my mid-20s. I knew fitness was my most needed option.

Committing to the Gym
Angie went to her first session feeling nervous, scared, and even a bit intimidated. She knew she was out of shape. But the atmosphere and the attitude of the trainers she met stripped away all her fears and made her feel welcome – renewing her dedication toward following her goals.

The trainers were so kind and when I first appeared they all came to greet me. I felt right at home… their positivity gave me the courage to push through the discomfort and build success at every session.

After that initial meeting, the trainers helped create a personalized and powerful long-term plan for Angie, and she has been following it ever since!

Making Lasting Changes…
Angie went from hardly any activity at all, to clearing room in her weekly schedule for fitness – and she attributes it all to the kindness, compassion, and professionalism of the trainers she has met along the way. She also admits it wasn’t easy: in the first days of the program, before she really got into the routine, she was having great difficulty keeping up the willpower to continue. But with the encouragement of the INLIV fitness team, she was able to push through and stay on track.

Perseverance…I learned from the trainers. Their encouragement to keep going with baby steps was just what I needed.

…And Seeing the Results
Two years into her routine, Angie is seeing hard-earned results. She is stronger, has better endurance and balance, and is much more flexible; she has also learned that major changes are not about taking a few giant steps, but following through on many smaller ones along the way. Angie is committed to reaching her fitness goals, and working closely with her trainers to do so.

This is the best thing I could have done for myself…It’s hard work, but this has really helped me. While it is hard for me, it has been a huge transformation – I feel so much better, energized and glad I made the effort. It’s the people who make the difference.

What INLIV Can Offer
If you find yourself like Angie – wanting to make a positive, lasting healthy change, and aware that you need some guidance to get you there – then why not reach out to INLIV and see what we can do? We offer many services in addition to fitness. The best way to begin your wellness journey? Visit INLIV for a free tour of our fitness and medical facility to see how our team can help. Call 403.538.8881.

To learn more:

Find us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. or simply email us at to find out more!

June 13, 2017

Turning 50

Turning 50

By Client Experience | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Stepping off the elevator for my first appointment at INLIV, I’m feeling a little apprehensive. Crossing the invisible threshold and turning 50 has left me lacking in confidence. Suddenly I’m acutely aware of the toll the years of too much sun and too little sunscreen have taken on my face. Sagging skin around my knees has almost eliminated skirts from my wardrobe, as I’m self-conscious.

June 7, 2017

By Jessi MaKenny | Fitness Team Manager, INenergy | Exercise Physiologist Manager, INmovement | | FITNESS

Summertime is finally here, and with the longer days and mild nights, many people are ready to travel and take full advantage of the season. In the spirit of Canada’s 150th birthday coming up this July, here are some of our country’s most incredible places to spend some time away, with a family or on your own. At INLIV we love to explore and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors, and we particularly like to hike, bike and get some physical activity while we are at it. In a country as big and diverse as ours, there’s something for everyone – no matter what kind of experience you prefer!

June 6, 2017

Jane Iredale Makeup

Jane Iredale Makeup

By Raeshell Birin | Medical Client Coordinator | INconnection | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

We’ve all had that moment – you’re looking in the refrigerator and stumble across something that is long past its expiry date. You open it to peek and suddenly have a throwback memory to the disgusting growth in a petri dish from seventh grade science class.

May 31, 2017

By Jessi MaKenny | Fitness Team Manager, INenergy | Exercise Physiologist Manager, INmovement | FITNESS

As the weather turns warmer, there are few things better than getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. And with a city that’s full of bike paths, you can often find our staff out on two wheels, getting their exercise. It’s something that’s very important to us – and that’s why many of us have signed up to do the Branch Out Foundation’s bike tour this summer, in Panorama, BC!

May 31, 2017

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Freezing your fat may sound like a science fiction story, but that’s precisely how the technology of CoolSculpting works. Pockets of fat are carefully targeted to freeze your fat cells, which are then naturally expelled by the body. Unlike earlier fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting doesn’t just shrink the fat cell; it destroys it.

May 23, 2017

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Though rosacea is a common skin disorder, there remain many misconceptions that can be discouraging and demoralizing for those impacted by it. The sideways glances, stares, or the assumption from some that the visible signs of rosacea are related to alcohol use or the belief that it’s contagious can be emotional for those living with it.

April 6, 2017

By Cary Bohnet | Business Development Director | INvalue | CORPORATE HEALTH

When you’re one of the people in charge of the daily operations of a large company – be it a provincial heavyweight or a multi-national corporation – it can be easy to lose track of your healthy habits. Over time, you find yourself cutting corners – a little bit, here and there: easy meals, instead of healthy ones; missed exercise classes; or loss of work-life balance. Before you know it, the stress and pressure of your career can take a toll on your health. 

March 8, 2017

Heart health

Heart health

By Aileen Kent | Personal Trainer | INenergy | FITNESS

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, along with all the piles of candy and chocolate that come with it. Since February is also Heart Month, here at INLIV we want to focus on the muscle that keeps all of us moving! If you really want to show your sweetheart how much you care, commit to a healthier and more proactive lifestyle together – one that keeps you active, supportive, and dedicated to keeping each other on track. 

February 15, 2017

By Ryan Hamilton | Fitness Program Director | INenergy | FITNESS

It seems like such a good idea: this year, your resolution is to get fit and stick to it! You’re determined, you’re ready, and you head to the gym in January with a playlist full of upbeat tunes and a new stick of deodorant. But before you know it, your gym bag and fitness goals are gathering dust under the couch. 

February 14, 2017

cold or flu?

cold or flu?


It is important to know the difference between the common cold and the seasonal flu. A cold can make you ill for a few days as it is a milder respiratory illness. Whereas the flu can make you feel ill from a few days to a few weeks, the flu can also result in hospitalizations and other health complications like pneumonia. So, do you have a cold or flu?

December 10, 2016

Fractional laser tips

Fractional laser tips


I often get asked the question, “how can I get rid of acne scars?” or “how can I improve the uneven texture or wrinkles of my skin?” Although laser resurfacing, chemical peel, and microdermabrasion are the most commonly used techniques for improving the texture and appearance of the skin, the choice of treatment depends on the condition being treated. These techniques use different methods; however, they have the same effect on the skin. They remove the upper layers of skin to allow for skin regrowth, resulting in smoother and healthier skin. 

November 22, 2016

By Dr. Wendy Smeltzer | Medical Director | INcare | MEDICAL AESTHETICS


Can you pinch an inch? Or two? Or three? The truth is we all have stubborn fat. Proper healthy diet and exercise are sometimes not enough to keep these unwanted bulges away. If you find yourself struggling with that “little bit extra”, we have the solution for you. It’s called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is the coolest, most innovative, non-surgical way to lose those annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat. This technology targets and cools unwanted fat cells in the selected area to induce a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat volume. 

October 12, 2016